What is In The Cool Zone? Part 2

Getting "in the cool zone" is not only about how one thinks about information. It is also about training yourself to take control of your emotions and your body to enable you to maintain your thought process. 

The techniques shared here help position your emotions and body for success. They get in your way more often than you might think! What we focus on here will allow you to absorb what is coming at you while keeping your thoughts clear, staying cool and continuing to use your mind. 

"Is it possible we don't talk about 
the Lord more often in public
because we might get push back?"

Life is moving quickly and w e often find ourselves in stressful situations. Sometimes these situations can come as a surprise and throw us off. Other times we know we are headed into the fire. 

Since we know this is the case let's take some time to ready ourselves so we can be the person we know we can be and certainly the person the Lord intended us to be. 

Train yourself to be godly.

What are the awkward settings that one might find themselves in?

  • A disagreement with a friend a boss or others.
  • Simple misunderstandings.
  • Having your beliefs challenged.
  • Accusations against your character.
  • Sharing the Gospel.
  • Sharing or debating philosophical ideas.

Discipleship Unveiled exists to develop lovers of Jesus Christ in the skill of managing the massive amount of information that comes our way. We want to do this in the state of a thoughtful and peaceful disposition through stressful situations by aligning our body and emotions.


Take Action!

When you are offended how do you feel
Angry. Sad. Guilty. Confused. Depressed. Vengeful. Helpless. Lonely.
We don't need to practice these things. They just come.

When you are offended HOW do you think? 
Thinking under pressure must be practiced. It is a skill and an effective follower of Jesus learns how to do it.

This is where we are going. I'm mean... if you think you can. :-)

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


Concept >>> Train yourself to be godly.
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