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Facets of Discipleship

How many of us know scriptures? It's a lot. Yet, we find that many Christians feel lost or ineffective in their walk with their Lord and Savior. Discipleship is the mechanism for guiding new and self proclaimed, ineffective Christians, to a clear and productive walk. So, if you're going "all in" to seek the Lord, you'll find that in a discipleship relationship, you won't just walk. You'll run! Discipleship is more than just taking a class or hanging out with a knowledgeable brother or sister in the Lord. Discipleship takes the form of an intimate relationship between two brothers or two sisters in the Lord. In a discipleship relationship you will experience a close relationship with someone who will help you understand who God is and His plan for this universe. They will guide you in understanding who we are in Christ, how to walk with the Lord and inform our ministry. In this discipleship relationship, the "discipler," uses several sk

Enhanced Perspective

Have you ever wondered why there are so many great Christian men and women that read the same scriptures and come to so many different and seemingly contradictory conclusions? Well, me too! There's actually a good way to understand this phenomenon, and understanding it can really help us in our discipling. Perspective and fluid circumstances, are things that can be difficult to get our mind wrapped around. If only we were like the Lord and had unlimited knowledge. Yet, we will find that we don't need all knowledge if we have a great thinking strategy. One reason we are commanded to be transformed by the renewing of our mind is because when we come to the Lord we think like the world. The challenge to transition our thinking is analogous to the question, "does a fish know he is in water?" How can we take on God's thinking process when we are not even sure where the boundaries of our worldly thinking lie? Jesus thought in ways that were foreign to everyon