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Actively Stay On Topic

This one strategy will eliminate nearly every frustration and much of the confusion when discussing the scriptures. Periodically we end up in philosophical discussions about life. When discussing or debating the merits of the Word of God, with other Christians or non-Christians, why is it difficult to get our point across?  Remember the age-old debate about who's responsible in a conversation? Is it the speaker or is it the listener? Who is responsible for a misunderstanding? There are reasons that both can contribute to any confusion. So let's talk about a solution. There is a strategy we can follow to help both parties in a conversation. It is relatively simple but does require some focus and practice and it cannot be stated enough. It is this:  Stay on topic! The tongue of the wise makes knowledge appealing. - Proverbs 15:2 NLT Why Were We Talking About This? Have you ever been caught up in a debate and before you knew it the topic shifted so many ti