The Armor of God

The armor of God has been a topic that has been difficult to get our minds wrapped around. What it is and how we put it on, has seemed to be a bit mysterious. 
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Most studies of the Armor of God focus on analogies reflecting the relation of real armor and the part of the body it is protecting, to the spiritual equivalent. All good stuff but I did not want to repeat that approach as most of those studies teach pretty much the same thing. All good mind you, but I wanted to add value by coming at it from a different perspective.

One of my first thoughts was, I can't draw. That doesn't seem important but all of the Armor of God studies have super cool sketches of a guy in armor. It finally occurred to me that I may be able to find a sweet pic of an armored warrior, but felt the study was again, just going to end up as a carbon copy of all the studies that came before.

My goal was to do something unique and complimentary rather than trying to out do the fantastic studies that were in abundance.

I Will Answer Them When They Pray

I prayed and asked the Lord for inspiration on how I can teach the Armor of God and bring out a unique perspective that complimented the exiting approach of using analogies. Well, it didn't take long and it hit me like fresh blast of air! The idea was to discover the effect of the armor!

As thoughts coursed through my head, I realized that if we could understand what the effect of the armor was, it would inform us of both what the armor is and how to put it on. I think these articles have done that while offering plenty of follow up opportunity for the curious and astute disciple.

I also took the opportunity to include a couple pieces of the armor that get left out of most teachings on the Armor of God. Most studies stop at the Sword of the Spirit but I was thinking the two elements of Pray Always and Watchful Perseverance were necessary elements of our gear.

A Complimentary Perspective

In the end, the focus of each piece of armor isn't necessarily addressed as a real piece of armor or associated to a body part. The list of articles above reflects this result. No breastplate. No talk of how our head is protected by the helmet. Again, they make for great analogies but here we have taken an approach that is complimentary, adds value and provides a new perspective.

The take away is the spiritual effect. In addition, looking at the practical steps a disciple can take to walk with the Lord and be effective. My prayer is that you can use this study to continue to build fortitude in your walk with the Lord.

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