Chuck Missler, Servant Of Christ

Dr. Chuck Missler went to be with the Lord on May 1st, 2018.

It is difficult to put into words what he has meant to me as my heart has been heavy. He has taught the Word of God for decades and I am just one of so many that he has touched in that time.

I am grateful to have known Chuck through his teachings. It was my Uncle Pat and Aunt Sheryl, who lent me the first Chuck Missler, Briefing Pack, which kicked off the most intense, insightful and thorough Biblical studies that I have ever come across.

The Briefing Pack was called, The Coming Temple, Update. I remember it looking a little different than what you see here. The cover was pink and just had the words, The Coming Temple, Update, on the front. The pack shown here, I believe is a newer version.

The Coming Temple Update by Chuck Missler | My First Briefing Pack
My first Briefing Pack

If I remember correctly, the cover looked more like the following Briefing Pack, which I understand was Chuck's first Briefing Pack. He called it, a "Two Pack." I found this tidbit in the Compass International's weekly email, which featured a wonderful tribute to Chuck. Thank you, Compass International!

There He Was!

I met Chuck Missler one time and I remember it vividly.

My wife Lisa and I we're visiting family in Newport, Washington, and took a morning to visit  Koinonia House in Post Falls, Idaho, where Chuck was headquartered. We drove over and I was pretty excited. I was thinking there was no chance I would see Chuck but wanted to see where all those Briefing Packs were coming from.

We walked into the front office of Koinonia House, aka K-House, and met the friendly receptionist and started to peruse the selection. I was on high alert as I was thinking, how in the world could I get a chance to shake Chuck's hand?!?

Lisa and I were like kids in a candy store. I knew from Chuck's newsletter, Personal Update, that he had dozens of Briefing Packs and commentaries, but this was crazy. I was in the showroom people! If I had, had a wheelbarrow, I would have carted off the entire lot.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone walk in the front door and begin to make his way up a set a stairs that I had not noticed. It was Chuck! I honestly didn't know what to do. I wanted to be sure to treat him like a brother, not a rock star, and my window was closing fast.

I had the sense that Chuck was adept at getting through the front door and up those steps quickly, as anyone in the small bookstore would want a little time to speak with him... and I'm sure that "little time" would turn into a lot of time, and I get that. However, he had the posture that he would take whatever time I wanted to engage with him.

I simply said, "Chuck?"

He stopped at the first step, stepped back and turned, "yes?"

I squeezed out, "How are you, sir?"

"I'm doing great, how are you?" he responded.

"I'm doing very well, thank you. Have a good day."

"Ok, you too."

I wanted the rest of the day with him but this was appropriate and the honor was all mine.

Later that week, I went to one of Chuck's live meetings. I was soooo excited to see Chuck speak in person, so this was a real treat. I arrive early and got my seat and strapped in for the ride of my life. Well, it turns out that Chuck had a guest that night, so instead of Chuck, I got Avi Lipkin.

My heart dropped to the floor as, I was thinking, "I've come all this way to get a guest speaker!?! For crying out loud!" Hahaha! Well it turns out I was in for the ride I was expecting but it was the great Avi Lipkin at the wheel.

That setting turned out to be, a new Briefing Pack, not in circulation, which for all intents and purposes was Avi's prediction of "planes falling out of the sky and buildings blowing up," that was given a mere 2 months before 911.

Zzzzz... A Peaceful Sleep

My wife and I go to sleep every night listening to Chuck Missler. I really do mean every night. In the early days it was the cassettes and then the CD's and DVD's, then multiple MP3 players (as they didn't seem to last long) and now my tablet. I've always wanted to tell him that we can't sleep without one of his teachings on at night because they put us right to sleep. Hahaha! I know he would have loved a friendly comment like that.

Yes, for over 20 years, Lisa and I have listened to Chuck nearly every night, with few exceptions. Kinda weird I guess, but much of what I have learned about my Lord and Savior has come from this man and guess what? We get to keep listening!

There is not another person who has had the impact in my walk with the Lord. My uncle Pat and Uncle Bob introduced me to the Lord. My mother, Cheryl brought me to the Lord with a prayer of salvation and it was Chuck Missler who taught me how to walk with my Lord Jesus.

What can say anymore than, he did his job and I am eternally grateful. My Father sent me a good and faithful servant and when the Lord calls me up, I am going to praise the Lord, thank Jesus in person and my first question is going to be, where is Chuck? I can't wait to tell him these stories!

"As these words fall short of what you have meant to me, my heart knows."

Thank you, Chuck Missler... a true bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'll see you soon, brother.

- Rob Haley | Fellow Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ


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