Prayer... Life on Turbo Setting

We cannot see the spiritual world that is pulled down around us but you must engage it. It is engaging us and if we do not participate it's like being tied to a chair for a boxing match. Does that sound bad to you? Uh, huh!

God is always working and your opportunity to get in on it with Him is through your prayer.

The Spirit World

The Spirit world has a very malevolent aspect to it that must be engaged and decimated. Does that scare you a little bit? Well it should if you are not engaging. We approach God in prayer because we love Him and He has told us to. It is a chance to connect with Him and also accomplish His purposes.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

The benefit is that we get to know Him and become more like Him. We get to participate in His plan. We get to stand up for ourselves, our family and friends and others in ways that we otherwise can do nothing. It is the only way to walk in the Spirit. Jesus engaged the invisible God and the invisible enemy at every opportunity.

If you are not praying daily you may be misunderstanding who you are. You must reevaluate your responsibilities. Please review, You Must Seize this one Reality! and finalize who you are in Christ. Then seize it!

The good news here is that even the smallest effort of prayer is highly effective. Praying regularly is a developed skill. Design a strategy. Write it down. Insist on hitting that prayer list everyday.

There is a simplicity to prayer that is very effective. There is also an expertise to prayer that comes with focused prayer and time spent. We call these people prayer warriors. We are all tasked to become experts and it's in our new nature. Engage! It's who you are.


Take Action!

How far up is prayer on your daily priority list? 
Take a moment to think about things that need to be accomplished daily. Move prayer up the list! Easy! :-)
Remember that consistency is our catalyst for growth in the Lord. 

Did you know God hears you and He's listening for you right now?
Keep it simple. Stop. Talk to Him. Move mountains.
Our Father is listening. 
Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


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