ITCZ 101 - Seek The Truth

Truth can be elusive. It's not something we learn by stumbling over it. It has to be learned. It has to be sought. Unfortunately, we sometimes don't realize we do not have the truth, until we find ourselves trying to articulate what we know.

Have you ever found yourself in a discussion or debate where you became unsure of your argument? Was your belief system challenged? Did you get knocked off base and realize you didn't have as much information as you thought and felt you had to now "win" the argument to save face?

You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

How many times have you been in a discussion with someone who initially, you thought was being honest and thoughtful about the conversation, only to realize they were arguing to be "right," regardless of the facts or the truth?

It can happen and it usually begins with a conversation that comes out of nowhere. You probably didn't even expect to be arguing the finer points of philosophy, the meaning of life or a recent "scientific" article.

It's an uncomfortable situation that draws us in at some point and it's embarrassing to come to the conclusion that we are wrong after we have given an impassioned opening to a topic. We certainly want to know our beliefs can be based in fact, proven, produce real results and can be articulated to bring others to the truth we have discovered.

The antidote to falling into fear and keeping our thinking on track is to commit to seeking the truth.

Seeking The Truth

Here are a few helpful strategies to keep you seeking the truth and staying on track in your studies or in an impromptu philosophical encounter:

1. Stay on topic.
You may find that you are well informed but get knocked off topic. Sometimes we do this to ourselves. Changing the subject is an amazingly effective strategy to win a debate but does little to help get to the truth. It will be used against you. Be ready for it. Use this three-step strategy when studying your Bible and when you find yourself in a debate/argument/disagreement:
A. Stay on topic.
B. Stay on topic.
C. Stay on topic.
2. Be curious.
Curiosity allows us to remain thoughtful and is a fantastic superpower to dilute fear. If you really want to come to the truth then asking questions and seeking out the answers is a great strategy. You can do this in conversation as well as in your study materials. Take a quick review of, Curiosity… The Hijacked Virtue, for a faith boost.

3. Learn to manage new information.
You don't have to know everything to know something. Review, The Puzzle Analogy, to kickoff a strategy for dealing with information to help keep things organized and in perspective.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.

Truth Is The Goal

Our goal is not to win arguments or "be right." Our goal is to get to the truth and do what we can to help others get there as well. Use these tools, and any others that you may have developed, to keep the truth as your highest goal.

An honest and sincere approach to discussing or debating your faith allows for you to hear new information and organize it. It gives place to a peaceful heart and mind that can continue to think in stressful moments. The belt of truth is the first piece of God's armor we are to equip. Let's have a strategy to get it securely in place.


Take Action!

Are the scriptures so familiar and comforting to you that you crave their knowledge and wisdom? 
If not, then let's take steps to remedy this. Take a moment to review, What Should I Study?.
Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. - Matthew 7:24 NLT

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