Galvanize Your Heart

Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. What and how you think about life is extremely important. There is also another aspect of thinking that needs to be considered as well. That would be the priority of thinking.

Guard your heart above all else.

The scripture in Romans 12:2 NLT does not ask us to change the way we feel. We need to change the way we think. Thinking is the part of your heart that the Lord is working on. So let's put a high priority on how we think.
Pray. Think first. The emotions support and reinforce our resolve. The body gets us there and does the physical work. God is glorified.

Think Like Jesus Thinks

So what and how do we think? Have you ever noticed that when Jesus answered a question, he either asked another question back or answered the question they should have asked to find salvation? Jesus certainly did answer their question but more importantly He would first give another answer to a question they did not ask, but they should have.

The questions that were being asked Jesus came from a way of thinking that did not comprehend the ways of God. Jesus was changing the way they think through His teaching and answering questions in a way that challenged their incorrect thinking process. So take the time to put on the mind of Christ by finding out what His Word says about His way of thinking.
Humbly accept the word God has planted in your hearts, for it has the power to save your souls. - James 1:21 NLT
Throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life, which is corrupted by lust and deception. Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Put on your new nature, created to be like God--truly righteous and holy. - Ephesians 4:22-24 NLT
Having trouble finding a place to start digging into the Bible and not sure where to start? Review the article, What Should I Study? You'll be putting on the Mind of Christ in no time.

Mental Reps

Now let's talk about thinking as a priority. When we get surprised or taken off guard we get hit with an emotional stir that has a way of pushing back our thinking process. We get in a tough position and instead of thinking our way through we react with anger, fear, timidity and whole list of negative emotions. We need to learn to shift from the emotional shock of a situation to activating the mind and thinking when we get taken by surprise.

The emotions will come. In this context they are not good or evil but we want to be practiced at putting them in a place where they serve our thinking process rather than hinder it.

So what are situations where we need to shift from emotional responses to thinking responses? You could probably name a few but here is a quick list to give you a start: A car accident, a question at work about the Lord, a political statement from someone who has a different view than your own, you are threatened, you get hurt in a manner that requires immediate attention, you get lost, your late, someone made you angry... you get the idea.

Train yourself to be godly.

One way to get in some practice shifting to your thinking process is to do what they call in sports as doing mental reps. This means practicing seeing yourself in a tough situation and walking through it. Think more about how you would feel in a stressful situation and think about how you want to be peaceful and thoughtful in your demeanor.
  • Pray. 
  • Think through a scenario you may know you have in front of you.
  • Remind yourself of God's Word. 
  • Feel His peace. 

Meditate on God's Word and how your emotions will serve you best in difficult situations.
Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation. - 2 Thessalonians 3:16 NLT

Train Yourself

Spend time training your thought process and training your emotions to support you, rather than work against you. Sometimes walking through worst case scenarios with a mentor or trusted brother/sister in the Lord can also help you see possibilities.

I have found that most of the time the worst case is actually far less than I had envisioned. However, other times it was what I had expected and I was glad I practiced my mental reps reminding myself of His Word and His peace.

We call this process of readying yourself, getting In The Cool Zone. Being in the cool zone is a place of liberty. Know the Lord, know who you are in the Lord and know liberty!

Serving God On Turbo

Emotions are the turbo for driving action on the things we know glorify God and serve His purposes. However, they can also be the turbo for the sin that is in our lives. Let's get our emotions working for us unto righteousness so we can be a blessing to the Kingdom of God and bring glory to our Father who has sacrificed so much for us.


Take Action!

How can you think first so your emotions will follow and support you? 
Pray. Gather information on the decision you need to make. Find God's Word about your situation. Do mental reps so you can practice letting peace thrive in your heart and mind. Talk it through with a mentor or trusted fellow believer. Take action with confidence in the Lord.
Take it one step at a time. Start with the small things. Work your way up to the bigger challenges. 

Are your emotions getting the better of you? 
We certainly don't want to be driven to anger, selfishness, adultery, stealing or any other sin because our emotions are ruling over us. Let's train our emotions to serve us so we can serve God better than we ever have before.
Paul told Timothy to train himself to be Godly. It is a process that takes time, so start right now. The Lord is growing us up a little at a time so let's not miss an opportunity. Remember that you have the self discipline, as describe in the article, Are You Disciplined? Give it a quick read to build your faith.

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In The Cool Zone concept. Think like Jesus thinks.


  1. How true! When you know what the Lord says and have it written on you can begin to separate how the Lord wants us to respond instead of having your emotions rule you! yes... and then Pray! Love..Mom

    1. Also note that taking steps to ready yourself is an important part of the process as well.

      Determining what standing for the truth will cost you and doing mental reps to practice a peaceful, thoughtful demeanor are prerequisite steps to getting ahead of your emotions in tough situations.

      Let's practice moving our emotions to support our thoughts that lead to righteous actions and being the person we were made to be, rather than them supporting unwanted reactive actions such as revenge, timidity, helplessness, etc.

  2. great info, I think im going have to read it a few more times. as there is a lot to digest.

    1. I hear that. Same here. I do a read through periodically to continue to build fortitude.

      Thanks Shaun!,
      - Rob

  3. I have played sports all my life and I can relate 100% the importance of doing mental reps and going through it in your mind, so when the real situation pops up you are already prepared. I need to focus on the things that get me angry quick and start thinking first instead of reacting with my emotions.


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