The Puzzle Analogy - Part 3

We pick up today with our continuation of the Puzzle Analogy.

Seeking The Truth

Have you ever been able to connect two puzzle pieces together and later realized they shouldn't be connected?

Oh sure! Some of the die cuts on the puzzle pieces allow for pieces that are not meant to be connected, to actually fit together. In some cases you really can't determine that two pieces do not go together until you build up the cluster. The colors match. The pattern matches. However, those pieces do not go together. The new pieces connected around the original two revealed the wrong placement.

The humble He guides in justice, and the humble He teaches His way.

In the same manner, you may connect ideas that you discover do not go together the way you originally thought they did. In many ways the ideas fit but new information revealed the wrong placement. It could even be that the idea was just wrong. That's ok. Don't panic!

This new discovery is a step forward and now you can continue to build that thought appropriately and with confidence.

Our goal is not to win arguments or to always be right. We want the truth. A commitment to the truth is a product of humility and galvanizes our heart. So we do not have to suffer shame for learning new information that updates what we know.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”               - John 8:32 NKJV

Our commitment to the truth sets us free and nurturing our curiosity is a powerful weapon in keeping us focused on the Lord.

It's All Connected

As you build the puzzle some clusters build off of the frame and others stand alone floating in the middle of the frame. Over time clusters begin to connect.

In the same manner, as we build on the things we know, our belief system begins to make more sense in the grand scheme of life and the scriptures. We put ourselves in a position to develop our core values and walk in them.

Note that there is no requirement on us to integrate ideas into our belief system when we do not understand them. A typical mistake in thinking is to take an idea we do not understand but may sound good, and force it into place and defend it at all costs.

If you do not understand something and it seems important, take it to the Lord in prayer. Commit to seeking the truth rather than being right.

A Whole New Perspective

Now that we can see how the Puzzle Analogy gives us insight on how to manage information, imagine a 3D puzzle. Wow! We add a whole new dimension to our thinking and we can see that getting to know the Lord and becoming like Him has many aspects and dimensions to discover. He is wonderful and His wonders are there for us to discover.

It is God's privilege to conceal things and the king's privilege to discover them.

Manage the information you have with diligence and you will open up a world of boldness. Thinking like Jesus thinks, delivering the Gospel and teaching others the Lords ways will be more fun, empowering and thrilling than you ever thought it could be.


Take Action!

Do you ever struggle to make sense of how to walk in the Spirit? 
If so, maybe adopting the Puzzle Analogy will help you organize your thoughts and information. There is much to learn about our Father and developing a patient and yet persistent approach is needed. A strategy for organizing thoughts and ideas in a manner that allows for clear thinking can be a powerful mechanism for walking in the Spirit.
New information is our friend. More information is our friend. We don't have to buy into everything we learn or are told. Likewise, we do want to have a solid approach to categorizing and implementing that information so we can make sense of it and continue to grow in the Lord.

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