The Puzzle Analogy - Part 1

In the article, Galvanize Your Heart, we talked about how and what we should be thinking and we focused on the priority of thinking. Getting your thought process out in front of an initial emotional shock will keep you thinking when you need it most.

Now let's discuss organizing your thinking process. I present to you "The Puzzle."

Understand what the will of the Lord is.

The process of building a puzzle is very similar to the process of organizing information. We have an overwhelming amount of information coming our way every day. From our scriptures to politics to work, dealing with family, friends, strangers, finances etc. It's a lot to take in.

How do we begin to put it into perspective?

Think about how you approach a puzzle. There are dozens if not hundreds of pieces. You have one guide which is the picture on the box cover. For our purposes, the pieces are information and the picture on the box is the truth.

The Premise

As we jump in, note that the puzzle analogy is our process of dealing with old information and organizing new information.

This process is fantastic for approaching information with an open mind while also managing the things that are proven to be true, things that could be true but we need more information and things that are proven to be false. From this perspective all information is useful and can be organized and managed.

By organizing information we have our best opportunity to evaluate it. We also will have a process for dealing with information we do not know to be true or false and where we clearly require more information.

Let's imagine that each piece of the puzzle is a piece of information. It can be a fact, a story, an experience, a scripture, etc. The picture on the box is the truth that God is communicating to humanity. It is essentially all information properly organized.

The Corner Stone

When we get our box open we dump the pieces on the table and begin to flip the pieces so the picture side is up and we have the full picture on the box as a reference.

Now, what are the first pieces you look for?

The corners! I once had someone say the middle piece but I think they weren't following. :-) The neat thing about the corners is they are easy to find and organize. These pieces align the foundation of the puzzle.

Even within hundreds of very thin pages of the Bible, a new Christian can make sense of beginning a relationship with Jesus as their Savior and have the knowledge of the Gospel. As a Christian we know that Jesus is referred to as the corner stone. This is the starting place for those that come to the Lord and it's easy to find and organize. Jesus aligns the foundation to be laid.

Together, we are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself. - Ephesians 2:20 NLT

The Foundation

What are the next pieces you look for after you find the corners?

The side pieces of course! With the side pieces and the corners we are able to quickly build the framework of the picture God is revealing to us. The foundation is underway.

The the foundation on the Rock.

We can see these side pieces as a new Christian beginning to pray and take their first steps in faith. These pieces represent the progress of understanding who they are in Christ and begining to take action accordingly. The article, I Don't Know What To Do For God is the kick off this process. As the pieces are put into place the foundation is secured and the new Christian begins to bear fruit.


  • Puzzle Piece = Information.
  • Picture = God's Perspective. All information.
  • Corners = The starting point. Clearly defined. Easy to discover. Aligns the foundation.
  • Sides = The pieces that complete the foundation. This is much more information and requires a little more effort to discover but are clearly defined. The completion of the foundation.

The journey has begun. The foundational ideas are laid and we will continue, as the most important parts of the puzzle analogy are next up.


Take Action!

Are you overwhelmed with so much information it's difficult to express your faith? 
We are building a foundation. The first pieces are in place. Pun intended. :-) 
Take the time to thoughtfully consider the possibilities of the corner pieces of the puzzle and the side pieces as they relate to information. There are many things to discover in this analogy.
Once you see how easy it is to organize and manage information on the fly it will inspire your curiosity and get questions answered you never thought you could know. 

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


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