The Puzzle Analogy - Part 2

Now that we have built the framework of our puzzle we are ready to deal with the pieces that are much more challenging to organize. The pieces in the center.

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Unknown

When you pick up a puzzle piece and do not know where it goes, do you throw it away?

No! If you throw away the piece you can never complete the puzzle.

In the same way when you get a piece of information that is confusing, don't throw it out. All information is valuable. Simply, place that info on the table and as you get more information you will eventually be able to understand it and integrate it into the rest of your knowledge.

Managing Information

We can get a pretty good feel for where several distinctive puzzle pieces may go and we place those pieces on the table where they seem to go according to our picture. As we examine our pieces we place pieces close to other pieces with similar colors and patterns. Soon we are able to start linking those pieces together.

In the same manner, when we begin to gather information, some info may be understood but it's not clear how it connects to the other pieces. Don't throw it away! It will connect eventually.

You will find that even bad or incorrect reasonings should not be thrown out. Lies, untruths, false philosophy and bad judgement should not be forgotten. They just get categorized for what they are... not the truth.

In your next discussion where the bad idea comes up, you will now be familiar with it and because you didn't throw it out but categorized it, you can deal with it in a more efficient manner.

There are many anti-biblical ideas out there and they can catch you by surprise. My brother told me once that "Satan has something for everyone." I concur! So I'm sure you can imagine that anti-biblical ideas are out there in abundance.

With a little experience and exposure to bad ideas you are in a better position to help confused people walk through those ideas and lead them to the truth. Especially if you are managing your information.


  • Puzzle Piece = Information.
  • Picture = God's Perspective. All information.
  • Corners = The starting point. Clearly defined. Easy to discover. Aligns the foundation.
  • Sides = The pieces that complete the foundation. This is much more information and requires a little more effort to discover but are clearly defined. The completion of the foundation.

The Puzzle Analogy continues...


Take Action!

Are you able to manage the information that comes your way? 
There is a lot out there and it can be confusing. The Lord doesn't require us to know everything but he does require us to keep learning.
The foundation is His Word, prayer and connecting with others who are in the Lord. These are the best sources of information but as you learn to manage the information you get your relationship with the Lord grows as well.
Our Father is highly organized. :-) 

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


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